General Dentistry Services in West Vancouver

Regular dental visits promote good health. They ensure the teeth, mouth, and gums remain healthy. However, some people make the mistake of only going to the dentist when issues arise. Part of an effective oral healthcare routine involves preventative care.

This way, you can ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and preclude issues from occurring in the first place. This is why general dentistry is essential; it provides a range of treatments and options for maintaining good oral health.

General dentists operate much like general practitioners, as they work to diagnose and prevent disease. Regular check-ups and dental cleanings can help catch issues before they become serious. Putting off regular dental visits—or avoiding them entirely—will only result in a growing need for more serious dental care down the line. Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist is an all-too-common occurrence.

Why the overall reluctance to visit the dentist? Many Canadians report that they don’t have dental coverage or it is inadequate. However, studies have concluded without adequate dental care, 5.4% of people will experience a painful dental emergency. While it may seem like skipping your regular check-up saves time and money, the reality is that issues related to oral health cause working adults to miss roughly 4.15 million workdays each year.

Regular dental cleanings and check-ups can save you a lot of time, money and pain in the future. For this reason, at Caulfeild Dental, general dentistry is an essential part of our dental services.

Why Regular Dental Cleanings Are Important

The purpose of professional cleanings isn’t just for a bright smile. Studies indicate good oral hygiene impacts your overall health, as well. Insufficient tooth care can be linked to bone loss, strokes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other diseases.

The importance of regular cleaning is as follows:

  • Removes stains from food, beverages, tobacco products, and ageing, which lead to tooth discoloration.
  • Prevents gum disease leading to tooth loss.
  • Routine visits can help detect oral cancers, increasing the likelihood of curing the disease successfully.
  • Research suggests a link between gum and cardiovascular disease.
  • Dentists can detect issues such as cavities early and even prevent them from forming.

Caulfeild Dental is your expert in diagnosing dental issues before they become serious problems. We offer a personalized and caring approach to dentistry. Our priority is to assist you with maintaining good oral health.

Our General Dentistry Services in West Vancouver

Keeping your teeth healthy involves regular preventative check-ups and good oral hygiene. It involves:


Restorative Treatments

These treatments work to restore damaged or broken teeth to a functional state. Our dental experts will help renew your smile and prevent other complications from occurring down the line.

Preventative Treatments

Prevention services involve routine exams, hygiene therapy, and professional cleaning/polishing. Dental issues such as cavities or gum disease are much easier to treat when caught early.

Cosmetic Treatments

A cosmetic treatment improves the appearance of your smile. It may include crowns, veneers, tooth whitening, bonding and more.

Routine Exams

Routine exams spot oral irregularities and treat them before they can progress.

Dental Check-ups

Regular dental check-ups are the core of a personal dental plan. A check-up permits the dentist to define proper treatment for your oral hygiene. Routine exams inspect the head/neck tissues, jaw joints, teeth, mouth, and gums.

During your visit, your dentist will

  • Check for signs of decay
  • Look for gum disease
  • Screen you for oral cancer
  • Take x-rays of the gums, teeth, and jawline to search for abnormalities
  • Check on wisdom teeth
  • Examine dental restorations

Services include removal of plaque/tartar, polishing the teeth, flossing, and fluoride treatments.

At Caulfeild Dental, we are all about taking preventative measures when it comes to your oral health. We are proactive with hygiene so that issues never have a chance to begin. Our office does cleanings, routine check-ups, dental exams, oral screenings, and topical fluoride treatments.

Dental Hygiene and Teeth Cleanings

Practicing good oral hygiene at home enhances preventative dental care. While being proactive with your hygiene at home is good, it is equally important to have regular cleanings. These cleanings:

  • Promote good oral health
  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Reduce periodontal disease
  • Decrease the likelihood of oral disease
  • Screen for oral cancers

Dental care involves making regular appointments for cleanings with a dentist or dental hygienist. It supports good oral health between appointments. During an appointment, your teeth are cleaned, flossed, and you may receive a fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatments prevent tooth decay and strengthen the teeth.

Caulfeild Dental provides dental exams, oral screenings for cancer/disease, topical fluoride treatments, and more. Furthermore, our dentists will work with you to ensure the success of your long-term dental health.

Gum Disease & Therapy

People experience different levels of gum disease with various causes. Different treatments and care levels are available to eliminate infection and restore gum health.

If you’re experiencing excessive gum recession, gum grafts can be a solution to prevent further damage to your teeth. This surgical procedure thickens your gums and offers aesthetic benefits and protection against further gum recession. Depending on the severity of the issue, the process can take up to two hours.

Caulfeild Dental strives to identify and address dental issues before they become serious. However, if damage has already occurred, we have the necessary dental technology to correct it. We aim to fix the problem and work with you to reduce the chances of a recurrence.

Oral Cancer Screening

During these screenings, dentists look for signs of oral cancer. The gums, cheek lining, tongue, lips, tonsils, and the floor/roof of the mouth are checked for abnormalities and legions. You will be referred to an oncologist for additional testing if anything appears suspicious.

Regular oral cancer screening is necessary as a preventative health measure. It may be easily treatable, but early detection is essential. Oral cancer screenings are the best tool for an early diagnosis and improve the likelihood of treatment success.

At Caulfeild Dental, we take a proactive approach to your oral health. As part of each routine check-up, we conduct regular oral cancer screenings to maintain your physical well-being.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal happens when endodontists remove the nerve and the infected pulp in the tooth’s root. Inside the root canal, a dentist will clean and shape it. Then they fill the space and seal it. Afterward, a crown protects the tooth and preserves its function.

If your teeth are bothering you, contact us here for available options.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Extractions are done with severely damaged teeth, overcrowding, or wisdom teeth. It can be done as a hospital procedure or in the dentist’s office. The extraction depends on the tooth and its location.

If you think you may need to have a tooth removed, make an appointment with one of our qualified professionals here.

Family Dentistry

This type of dentistry involves receiving dental care in one location. The entire family can go to the same practitioner making booking appointments easier. They provide basic dental exams, cleanings, and some advanced treatments.

To book an appointment for your entire family, visit us here.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry focus on caring for children ranging from infancy to teens. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to handle the following:

  • Sedation and general anesthesia for children and youth
  • Treat medically compromised individuals
  • Manage development/growth concerns affecting the head, face, and mouth
  • Restorative and preventative dental treatments for children and youth

To book an appointment for your family member, contact us here.

Senior Dental Care

As we age, our teeth require additional care. No longer are seniors doomed to experience tooth loss. With adequate dental care and consistent visits, you can maintain good oral hygiene for a healthy smile no matter your age.

If you are interested in preserving your smile, make an appointment here.

Choose Caulfeild Dental for General Dentistry in Vancouver

At Caulfeild Dental, all of our dentists genuinely care about our patients. We emphasize the importance of proper tooth maintenance as a component of preventative health. Furthermore, our services will help diagnose oral health issues before they become a significant issue. Maintaining good oral health is our primary objective.

Our experienced general dentists provide routine exams and cleanings to ensure you are kept in your best health. We work with you to educate you on good oral hygiene providing long-term health benefits. Our goal is to work with you to prevent the formation of dental illnesses.

For your general dentistry needs, visit us at our convenient location at 5311 Headland Drive in West Vancouver, B.C. Nestled between Iris Optometrists and Opticians and The Valetor, we are located in the Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre.

General Dentistry FAQ

How often should I visit the dentist?

Regular exams are conducted every six months. However, some studies indicate people without dental issues can go annually. Those experiencing severe dental problems may require visits every three to four months.

Why do I need dental exams?

Dental exams act as preventative measures for oral health. They check for missing, decayed, or damaged teeth. They also search for cavities, examine gum conditions, and screen for oral cancer.

Are dental x-rays safe and needed?

Dental x-rays are completely safe with minimal radiation. Generally, they are needed every two to three years. However, if there is recurring decay or oral complications, they may be necessary once to twice annually. X-rays search for decay that is not otherwise visible.

Dentists can view between teeth and underneath fillings this way. It is necessary because it prevents tooth decay, is good for overall health, and monitors jaw/tooth formation in teens.

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