Senior Dental Care in West Vancouver

Are you looking to maintain a friendly, healthy smile as you age? Like the rest of our body, our teeth change as we age. These changes may be from chronic disease or medication usage. Other changes may include tooth sensitivity, darker/yellow teeth, and exposed roots. However, having a beautiful smile doesn’t have to be elusive with proper senior dental care.

Senior dental care involves attending regular dental visits and taking care of your teeth. Tooth loss is no longer an inevitable part of aging. Despite our teeth requiring extra care, advances in dental technology have improved our overall dental health.

Senior dental care goes beyond just examinations and preventative measures. It includes dental implants, partial/full dentures, bridges, crowns, cosmetic procedures, and teeth whitening.

At Caulfeild Dental Centre, we assist you in meeting all your dental needs in a relaxed, comfortable environment. We will take time to address all your important questions surrounding good dental health.

Why You Need an Experienced Senior Dental Care Specialist

Seniors face many oral health challenges from aging. These involve:

  • Dry mouth: Cancer treatments, medications, and some diseases cause dry mouth. Some seniors deal with this by eating hard candies. However, this only increases the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Inability to floss and brush properly: Many seniors are affected by restricted movement, like arthritis. This can make brushing and flossing challenging. It also makes regular appointments necessary for a cleaning and exam. An electric toothbrush may be recommended to make brushing easier.
  • Dentures: Dentures that don’t correctly fit can cause serious health concerns. They should fit securely and be comfortable at all times.

At Caulfeild Dental Centre, we carefully examine your teeth and overall health. Taking proper care of your teeth should not be a challenge. We will work with you to provide advice on how to properly care for your teeth. Our preventative measures will also allow you to keep your teeth healthy while fixing pre-existing factors.

Our Dental Services for Seniors

Our senior dental care services help patients maintain a healthy smile. Our dedicated staff will provide personalized treatment to address all dental issues, keeping your smile beautiful and radiant.

Our treatment options for seniors include the following:

At Caulfeild Dental Centre, our experienced dentists understand the importance of senior dental care. When you come to our dental clinic, you can expect compassionate patient care. We will explain every part of the treatment and address any concerns/questions that may arise.

Dentists engaging in senior care should have proper accreditations. With over 25 years of experience, our dentists have expansive knowledge in the field. They are equipped to deal with various challenges seniors face and will work with you to provide a solution that best suits your situation.

You will also be assisted by dentists who have experience working with older adults. Since senior dental care poses its own unique challenges, you will need someone who has previously worked with mature adults.

Common Dental Health Problems in Seniors

Dental care ceases after retirement for some seniors as they lack adequate coverage. In addition to coverage concerns, memory loss, lack of transportation, physical challenges, and other cognitive issues can make going to the dentist challenging. They can also lead to missed appointments and poor oral hygiene in seniors.

Other issues affecting seniors are:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth loss
  • Darkened teeth
  • Diminished taste
  • Root decay
  • Uneven jawbone
  • Thrush
  • Denture-induced stomatitis

Regular exams will assist us in detecting changes to your oral health. We can work with you to overcome differences in your physical and oral health before severe issues arise.

Our Approach to Senior Dental Care in Vancouver

We take care of seniors by conducting routine exams, cleanings, and screenings at intervals that best coincide with the level of oral care. Based on your overall health, we will increase cleanings and exams as a preventative measure. We do this because we care about our patients and want to keep them in the best health possible.

We provide seniors with optimal care by using advanced technology to fully detect and assess dental issues. Our technology ensures that nothing goes unnoticed and that you receive the best care before any problems become a serious concern.

Our dentists have years of experience working with people in various age ranges–including seniors. You can count on our expert dental team to provide you with the best care.

Challenges Associated with Senior Dental Health

Seniors face many challenges when it comes to oral care. Even though most people don’t associate certain oral health issues with physical consequences, recent research suggests they exist. Issues that seniors face are as follows:

  • Gum disease: Many seniors are diagnosed with gum disease. If it becomes severe, it can cause bleeding, sore gums, issues with chewing food, and tooth loss. Unfortunately, in the early stages there are few symptoms until it advances.
  • Tooth decay: Bacteria from plaque hardens tooth enamel, leading to cavities. A dry mouth is also a contributing factor to tooth decay. Saliva protects the teeth and reduces the number of bacteria. However, dry mouth can be a side effect of prescription drugs like those to treat asthma, depression, and high blood pressure.
  • Tooth loss: It is common for seniors to experience tooth loss. This can affect proper nutrition as those with missing teeth may not be able to consume fresh food, like vegetables or fruit.
  • Diabetes: Those with poor blood sugar have a higher risk of gum disease and inflammation. Additional sugar in the saliva allows bacteria to grow in the mouth. Gum disease affects the control of blood sugar in diabetes as well.
  • Heart disease: Inflammation from gum disease can increase heart disease. It can make existing conditions worsen and create a higher instance of stroke.
  • Oral cancer: Seniors are at risk for oral cancer. It is higher for those who smoke cigarettes/cigars/pipes or chew tobacco products. Regular appointments detect changes early when they can be treated appropriately.
  • Pneumonia: If you have poor oral health or smoke, you are at risk for bacterial pneumonia. When someone breathes, mouth bacteria can travel to their lungs. Maintaining good oral hygiene can lower your chances of this disease.

By making regular appointments, we can provide a proactive approach to dealing with your oral health. Not only will you have a better smile, but you will also enjoy improved overall health.

Choose West Vancouver’s Top Senior Dental Care Clinic

When it comes to senior dental care services, you need someone with the experience and credentials to provide patient, compassionate care. At Caulfeild Dental, we offer all these characteristics and the latest technology. Our bottom line is that we sincerely care for our patients–no matter their age–and will give you the best dental solution.

Caulfeild Dental Centre is located between Timberfeild Road and Headland Drive in the Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre. Our dental clinic is near the Bank of Montreal, and we are right beside The Valetor.

Senior Dental Care FAQs

How often should seniors visit a dentist?

Generally, only twice a year. However, this may change depending on oral health concerns and physical challenges.

What happens to teeth in the elderly?

The elderly suffer from many tooth diseases, from tooth decay to loss of teeth due to improper care. Our goal is to work with seniors and to overcome barriers to good overall health.

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