Pediatric Dentistry in West Vancouver

Pediatric dentistry seeks to provide a kid-friendly dental environment—the goal is to generate a positive experience for your child while giving effective oral health. Good oral health begins when your children are young. Their teeth require special treatment and care as decay can quickly spread at this age.

Experts state children should receive their first visit when they are one year old or when their first tooth appears. Children are highly impressionable, so children’s dentistry aims to provide relaxing, engaging, gentle care to ensure a positive visit. Positive visits eliminate the potential for anxiety and set the child up for good oral health.

Establishing good oral care is essential when they are young. If they understand how to care for their teeth, this information will keep them healthy until adulthood. Your child’s oral health success can depend on their comfort level at the dentist’s office—a lack of fear and increased enjoyment are incentives for children to maintain good brushing habits.

Why You Should Consult a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric offices are designed with children and families in mind. They treat children of a variety of ages and with a number of different health requirements. Kid’s dentists provide care in a warm, caring, compassionate environment that is non-threatening. Services range from preventative care to treating complex dental problems.

Education and prevention are the two keys to maintaining good oral health. Early detection assists in preventing pain and issues requiring urgent dental care. Cavities are known to spread rapidly and quickly progress in kids. Some may experience cavities early, and parents are unaware of their existence until their first exam.

Pediatric dental clinics set your child up for success. They can educate them on proper oral hygiene at their level. They teach your child how to properly care for their teeth in a fun, unique way. When learning is fun, your child will remember brushing and flossing techniques. Proper care decreases the likelihood of cavities and other issues, generating a healthy smile.

Our Pediatric Dentistry Services in Vancouver

Our caring, friendly, compassionate staff is trained in caring for children. They understand dental visits may be intimidating for some young children. We wish to remove all barriers to good dental health by generating a positive experience and making going to the dentist fun.

We set your child up for success by making their visit enjoyable. Our tools are made for smaller mouths. Not only do they fit/work better in their mouths, but some children find them less intimidating than an adult-sized instrument.

Your child’s first visit tends to be brief. The goal is to make the visit engaging and fun. It introduces them to the clinic and the play area. During the visit, you can expect the following:

  • Anticipatory guidance
  • Cavity risk assessments
  • Examination for decay
  • Evaluate how the teeth fit together (the bite)
  • Examine the soft tissue and gums for issues
  • Identify harmful habits or problems
  • Show the child/parent how to clean their teeth at home
  • Address concerns or questions
  • May apply fluoride varnish

Cleanings aren’t done on the first visit since the visit should be easy. However, we may recommend a cleaning and fluoride application.

During subsequent visits, your child will receive a regular exam. There may be x-rays every few years of their teeth and jaw. Then, we will clean their teeth.

As children mature into their teen years, a pediatric dentist can monitor for issues like overcrowding or improper tooth alignment. Constant monitoring allows corrective measures to be implemented before they become an issue.

Things to Consider During Your Visit

Some children may experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. They find it intimidating when they don’t know what to expect or why things are happening. Caregivers are encouraged to speak openly to their children about the dentist, what to expect, and why visits are essential.

Short videos and books about going to the dentist are available if your children are young. These items often decrease anxiety. It also helps them to visualize what going to the dentist is like.

Before your appointment, ensure your child is fed, rested, and healthy. Anxiety levels can increase if they aren’t feeling well or hungry. It also provides a negative association with dental visits.

Dental offices frequently provide distractions within their office during an exam or procedure. It may involve a kid-friendly show or music in the background. Parents can play their child’s favourite song or bring headphones to make the experience enjoyable. If your child has a favourite article, like a blanket or toy, you should include it to eliminate stress.

If your child is uncomfortable, it is best not to have them sit back in the dentist’s chair. Some dentists will recommend lap visits up until a certain age. At Caulfeild Dental, we take things one visit at a time and can reschedule when necessary. Compassionate staff will help your kid feel at ease in their surroundings.

Child-Friendly Staff and Pediatric Dental Clinics in West Vancouver

Our staff understands that trips to the dentist may be scary because they don’t know what to expect. On their first visit, we introduce them to the tools and what they do at their level. We will conduct a basic exam, then instruct them on proper brushing and flossing habits using a visual aid.

While they are in the dentist’s chair, they can be engaged in watching a show. For some children, this acts as a distraction removing any anxiety. In others, they enjoy going to the dentist because of the perception that it is fun. When a dentist visit becomes fun, children want to go for appointments. It also acts as an incentive to practise good oral health because they understand the importance.

We also provide children’s themed treatment rooms. This makes children feel more comfortable about their visit.

Book a Dental Appointment for Your Child With Caulfeild Dental

Going to a pediatric dentist when your children are young is beneficial. They can communicate with a child on their level, making oral hygiene fun and relatable. Tools are made for young mouths making them less intimidating as well.

Furthermore, when visits are relaxing and fun, children don’t mind going to the dentist. This sets them up for success later in life.

Caulfeild Dental is equipped to handle all your child’s needs as they grow. From routine exams to Invisalign to dental procedures, we can manage your child’s changing requirements at any stage in their development. We provide a kid-friendly, relaxing atmosphere so that your child enjoys going to appointments.

Caulfeild dental is located in Caulfeild Village Shopping Center between The Valetor and Iris Optometrists and Opticians. Visit us at 5311 Headland Drive in West Vancouver, BC or book your child’s next appointment through our website here.

Pediatric Dentistry FAQs

When should I bring my child in for a first visit?

You should bring your child in when they are one year old or have their first tooth.

My child fears going to the dentist. What should I do?

Explain what to expect during a visit because they often fear the unknown. You can also take them on one of your visits, so they know there is nothing to be afraid of. Parents can also take a favourite toy, play with their child’s favourite music, or let them watch a television show during the visit. This frequently reduces anxiety.

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