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Dental Services
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Caulfield Dental offers the full spectrum of dental services to our West Vancouver patients. These include routine procedures like check-ups, cleanings, dental exams, x-rays and fluoride applications along with more intensive ones like cavity fillings, root canals, extractions, crowns, bridges, and more. No matter what your needs are, our expert dentists and staff will make sure you’re entirely comfortable and that each procedure is completed with minimum pain and discomfort for you.

We’re also able to accommodate patients who have suffered mouth trauma and need emergency dental services in West Vancouver. This type of scenario is always very troubling for the patient, but it’s nice to know that your qualified dentist is able to restore your teeth and smile – usually much more quickly and effectively than you would have imagined!

We’re also pleased to provide extensive preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry services

Dental services in West Vancouver
Proper brushing techniques and flossing combined with regular dental services prevent plaque from forming and producing holes in your teeth, commonly referred to as cavities. Plaque is a clear bacterial film that coats the teeth. After eating, this bacterium breaks down sugar. It forms an acid that erodes tooth enamel which results in cavities, and other issues if left untreated.

Too many people are embarrassed by their teeth and their smiles. Everyone deserves to have beautiful, healthy teeth and feel confident smiling and laughing with their loved ones. Unfortunately, only doing the minimum when it comes to proper dental hygiene is not enough. You may think you have everything handled on your own, but regular visits to a qualified, experienced dentist are a must.

While our smiles are one of the first things people notice about us, taking care of your teeth and oral health go beyond aesthetic purposes. Your oral impacts your overall health and it’s imperative it not be neglected.

Our expert team of dentists and oral health specialists at Caulfeild Dental have the necessary knowledge and skills to help you maintain excellent overall oral health.

When looking for the best dental services for your needs, it’s essential to find a reputed dentist you can trust. Your dentist should be someone that makes you feel comfortable and encourages regular visits.

Located in West Vancouver, Caulfeild Dental provides a personalized approach to dental hygiene. Specializing in several areas of dentistry, ranging from general dentistry to Invisalign, our team can handle all your dental needs. If you are searching for qualified, experienced dentists, we can help.

Professional dental services

Our Dental Services in West Vancouver

We provide a range of dental services in one location, eliminating the need to travel all over the city. Centrally located, we provide


    • General Dentistry: Common dental procedures, such as cleanings and fillings
    • Endodontics: Treatment for soft tissue injuries and diseases
    • Restorative Dentistry: Replaces damaged or missing teeth
    • Oral Surgery: Surgeries done on the gums, teeth, or jaw
    • Invisalign: Assists in placing teeth in the correct alignment
    • Cosmetic Dentistry: Focuses on the appearance of your smile

    General Dentistry Services

    General dentists allow you to maintain excellent oral health. Geared toward people of all ages, they provide procedures and treatment options. Common procedures may include caps (crowns), root canal therapy, and fillings. Treatments keep gums, mouths, and teeth healthy.

    To book our general dentistry services, set up your appointment here.

    Dental Emergencies (24/7 Dentistry)

    While common dental services require an appointment made a while in advance, there are times when you’ll find yourself needing immediate dental. Some dental emergencies include:

    • Severe tooth pain
    • Lost or chipped teeth
    • Infections or abscess
    • Loose teeth
    • Bleeding in the mouth (not due to gum disease).

    Emergencies are anything needing immediate treatment. For immediate treatment, contact us here.

    Pediatric Dentistry

    Pediatric dentistry focus on caring for children ranging from infancy to teens. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to handle the following:

    • Sedation and general anesthesia for children and youth
    • Treat medically compromised individuals
    • Manage development/growth concerns affecting the head, face, and mouth
    • Restorative and preventative dental treatments for children and youth

    To book an appointment for your family member, contact us here.

    Root Canal Treatment

    A root canal happens when endodontists remove the nerve and the infected pulp in the tooth’s root. Inside the root canal, a dentist will clean and shape it. Then they fill the space and seal it. Afterward, a crown protects the tooth and preserves its function.

    If your teeth are bothering you, contact us here for available options.

    Dental Implants

    An artificial root is created using titanium metal and inserted into the jawbone. It replaces the root of the natural tooth. A replacement tooth is attached to the implant providing an anchor to hold the tooth in place. Dental implants replace bridges, crowns, and dentures.

    To discuss your dental needs, contact us on our website here.

    Teeth Whitening Services

    Have your teeth been stained by tobacco, food or darkened with age? Also called in-office bleaching, teeth whitening is a common cosmetic dentistry service. It involves protecting the gums using a paint-on rubber dam, then applying a high concentration of peroxide to the teeth.

    To restore your teeth back to their former lustre, contact us here.


    Invisalign provides an alternative to metal braces. It consists of a series of aligners changed bi-weekly. Each set is custom-made and removable. They work by making incremental changes to the teeth’s positioning.

    The difference with Invisalign is they can be removed to drink, eat, and clean the teeth resulting in fewer changes to daily activity.

    Contact us here to discuss your orthodontic treatment options.

    Extractions/Wisdom Tooth Removal

    Extractions are done with severely damaged teeth, overcrowding, or wisdom teeth. It can be done as a hospital procedure or in the dentist’s office. The extraction depends on the tooth and its location.

    If you think you may need to have a tooth removed, make an appointment with one of our qualified professionals here.

    Tooth Cleaning & Checkup

    Regular dental appointments typically involve 30 minutes of scaling (dental cleaning), a check-up with your dentist, or x-rays. At minimum, dental appointments should be conducted twice annually as a preventive measure for cavities.

    To book your regular appointment, contact us here.

    Dental Cavity Filling

    To treat cavities, dentists remove the decayed part of the tooth and then fill in the gap to protect your tooth from future infections.

    They also fix broken/cracked teeth or teeth that have been excessively worn (tooth grinding, nail-biting). Different material types range from gold or porcelain to tooth-coloured plastic.

    If your teeth are bothering you, book an appointment with one of our qualified professionals here.

    Family Dentistry

    This type of dentistry involves receiving dental care in one location. The entire family can go to the same practitioner making booking appointments easier. They provide basic dental exams, cleanings, and some advanced treatments.

    To book an appointment for your entire family, visit us here.

    Senior Dental Care Services

    As we age, our teeth require additional care. No longer are seniors doomed to experience tooth loss. With adequate dental care and consistent visits, you can maintain good oral hygiene for a healthy smile no matter your age.

    If you are interested in preserving your smile, make an appointment here.

    Sedation Dentistry

    This assists patients in overcoming mild to severe anxiety regarding dentistry. It prevents fears from interfering with proper dental care. Nitrous oxide generates a calming sensation while blocking pain. Furthermore, your vital signs are monitored throughout your visit.

    Don’t allow your fears to prevent you from receiving your checkups! Contact us here.

    Complete dental care

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    Caulfeild Dental empowers patients with oral hygiene basics. We treat each person with over 25 years of experience like an individual. They will go the extra mile to ensure your teeth remain in excellent condition and you have a healthy smile.

    Our dentists genuinely care about your teeth. They want to impress upon others that good oral hygiene is something to be practiced regularly outside of visits. It will equip them with a beautiful smile for years to come.

    Visit us at 5311 Headland Drive in West Vancouver, BC, for our range of dental services. You can find us in our convenient location in Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre. Book your appointment by contacting us at 604-924-7222 or visit our website here.

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